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bride instead of themselves paying the bride  price  cusicnnry to


9. Divorce :

The system of divorce is not known to the Gadabas \\ben

a man or woman is dissatisfied for any reason with the spouse, they

follow the simple expedient of separating from the spouse.

The man or woman picks up another life partner. They

have to pay Kulam Tappn f penalty) of about Rs. -5/'- to the chief;

with this amount the chief and e! Jers buy iiq jor and they a!! drink

toddy together.   The erring person is forgave.i.   There  is  no  fur-

ther social stigma.

A married woman having children miy develop  sexiul

intimacy with a married man,    She goes  directly  to  the nuif s

house, and may liv'e with him along with his first wife.   Ink will

naturally irk the latter.   The first   wife becomes sulk>.    Qjirrels

break bat frequently between bath of ihem   Tiie husfaani,   in exas-

peration, beats them both. Unable to bear this tor::ire, 0.12 of them

separates from the husband.    If ^ie Ins childien, shs may lake the

children with herf and live in another house separately.    In such

cases9 peaailj has to be paid to the chief by both the mia and the

woman so as to be eligible for Ms protection.

According to Moyyi Somulu,   there his ben  a  recent

incident of this nature.    Hamimanthu  Sioiaairi Is a married man

with five children. His wife used to live with hiVii* But she deve-

loped sexual intimacy with his younger brother, Sim'iidn tried to

dissuade her from this. But she defied him. Dzsjuste J, !:e deserted

his wife, and weat to live with the yaai^-r sister of his wife who is

residingin the aeit street. He marnei the latter afterwards. Sa they

are aow living peacefully together. His five chiidrca are %\iia their